Modern Classic
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HDB & Condo
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Dawson, Singapore
For this rare double height unit at Dawson, we used a natural palette to create a warm and welcoming abode. Beige furnishings together with black and metallic accents were thoughtfully selected to add a touch of class without overpowering the cosy atmosphere of the room.
A gorgeous and unblocked view greets owners and visitors as they enter. The floor to ceiling windows also allow lots of natural light to enter the living room, making it appear open and spacious.
A high cabinetry feature wall emphasises the double height space of the living area. The chandelier also highlights this aspect.
Simple lines used for the mirror wall and feature wall draws your eyes across the room, visually enlarging the entire area.
The beige fabric sofa, instead of a leather one, adds to the softness of the overall look and feel of the living room. A dark rug acts as a contrast, bringing visual interest and texture to the room.
- Jason and Shenzhi -
"We had a great experience working with Shane and his team at One Stop Builders. From the design concept to the site works to the furniture selection, whenever we had any questions, they were prompt. We went through the whole renovation process with peace of mind."